Unilever Africa

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Back at the start of 2012, I travelled to Africa on a project Rose Design was working on with Unilever, the global consumer goods company. The first half of the trip took me to Durban in South Africa, specifically to Unilever's 'Indonsa' plant, a 22,000 sq metre environmentally friendly factory located in the Riverhorse Valley. The factory boasts green technologies like a site-wide grey water recycling system, rain water harvesting, and complete solid waste recovery system with all waste bypassing landfill for either compost or energy conversion. The second half of the trip took me to Dar Es Salaam where I spent the day with Issa , a micro-entrepreneur working with Unilever brands to buy, manage, and deliver products to small business owners in the area. He effectively works as a distributor for single or few unit products of what you and I would probably only have seen in their bulk versions. Communities in and around Dar Es Salaam don't have enough cash flow on hand to purchase things like washing powder in what we know to be their 'regular' sized quantities. So they buy on an as-needed basis in quantities only for their immediate daily needs in sachet-sized proportions. Issa has gone a step further in his micro business by branding himself, his team, and his equipment with that of one of Unilever's most colourful brands, thus becoming easily identifiable in the community as a member of his micro-enterprise. Simon Elliott, creative director at Rose Design, art directed the shoot. He was nothing short of brilliant, here's what he had to say about our adventure: "Boundless energy and good humour makes Igor Emmerich the perfect road trip partner to deal with tricky customs officials, room upgrades, aggressive locals, 40 degree climates, emergency requests for Immodium and highly ambitious client briefs. He's not too shabby with a camera either´┐Ż" To view more images from Unilever Africa, please visit my website.
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