Loah Beer

by Igor Emmerich Commissions Life People Photos Portrait

Igor Emmerich, Advertising Photographer, Loah Beer, Folkestone, UK.

When life gives you lemons, trade them for limes… Crisp, clean and refreshing lager naturally brewed to 0.5% with a squeeze of lime. Kick back and drink it all in…

Loah is the brainchild of Hugo Tapp, it's Low alcohol beer with a lime twist, really nice stuff!

We shot this campaign last Christmas, due to Covid restrictions we decided to use Folkestone as the location rather then London and cast local talent who I know well and have worked with before, this suited the project as we wanted to bring the 'real' personalities of the talent to match the character of the beer.

Dan is a baker at Dockers and a bloody good skater too!

Agency: Ico Design.

Baker standing outside his shop smiling

two friends relaxing on a beach, laughing and drinking low alcohol beer.

two friends walking along a beach chatting and drinking low alcohol beer with a sunset behind






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